The Power Plant Training Simulator at BkTPP

The Power Plant Training Simulator at BkTPP

Power Plant Training Simulator at Bakreswar Thermal Station of WBPDCL is supplied by GSE Power System Inc., USA. Its main features are :

Full size replica of control room of BkTPP Unit # 1. Workstation computers (8 nos.) as soft panel.

Conventional hard panel.

• PLC for interfacing between soft panel & hard panel.

• Instructor Station.

• Field Device Terminal (FDT).

In real plant, Boiler & Generator are supplied by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited who imported Ball & Race Coal Mills from Mitsui Babcock Ltd., U.K. Turbine is supplied by Fuji Electric Co., Japan.


Availability of Miscellaneous Facilities :


BkTPP Simulator Training Institute is provided with unique library facilities. The Library is equipped with various Technical Manuals and Books related to Thermal Power Plant. Trainees may study and take notes in the STUDY ROOM adjacent to Library.

Model Room

Various comprehensive models of Plant equipments and systems have been placed in the Model Room e.g. :

• Working Model (sectional) of Fuji-​BHEL Turbo Generator set,

• Working Model of Coal Handling Plant,

• Model of Boiler Drum and internals etc.


Sim Server

In real Plant we have individual equipments like Boiler, Turbine, and Generator etc. whereas in Simulator, there is no Boiler, no Turbine, and no Generator etc. but there are software model (dynamic), which is created on the basis of the data of these individual equipments. The integrated software form of mathematical dynamic model of all the individual equipment of real plant is stored in the memory of computer, which is called a SIM-​SERVER.

Simulator Server is the brain of the Simulator Plant. The Real Time Executive of the Sim-​Server runs the above cited models and the effect of model execution comes in such a manner as if a real power plant is running in practice. The effect of model execution is displayed in the mimic diagram of Plant Management System (PMS) as well as in the hard panel. At the same time, the real time executive is scanning the status of different operating tools i.e. ON-​OFF, OPEN-​CLOSE, AUTO-​MAN etc of PMS as well as Hard Panels and updates the model accordingly. The Sim-​Server communicates with the Hard Panel via PLC, which acts as an interpreter between Sim-​Server and Hard Panel.

PMS Server

It is a UNIX base Alpha Deck Server the memory of which is enriched with software form of all plant dynamics.

Instructor Station

Motif Instructor Station (MIS) is the interface between the instructor and the simulator. Instructor Station is provided with Instructor related functions to conduct & control training programme. Insertion of Malfunction, Taking Snapshots, Monitoring Parameters, Remote function operation, Freeze, Backtrack, Override, Replay, Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT), Reset the Simulator to any one of the 200 Initial Condition, Run the Simulator in REAL TIME, SLOW TIME and FAST TIME, Creation of Training Scenario etc. are the main available features of Instructor Station Server. Moreover, from Instruc­tor Station the External Parameters e.g. Ambient Temperature, Grid Frequency etc. may be modified to show the correspond­ing effects on other parameters. Monitoring the Performance of the Trainees as well as Performance of the Trainer is also possible from Instructor Station. Insertion of 292 numbers Emergency Condition (Malfunction), which help the Trainee to tackle the hazardous operating condition and save the man & machine in real world, is one of the unique features of Instruc­tor Station. REPLAY is one of the prideful tools of the Instructor and by using this tool the Instructor can teach the trainee regarding correct operation by pointing out the area of wrong operation, which the trainee has performed in the previous course of training session.


Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

It is a dual redundant PLC system, which consists of both analogue and digital Input/​Output (I/​O) cards, BUS Interface Unit (BIU), BUS controller, Module expander and equipped with dual redundant LAN system. The system is also equipped with one PC for diagnosis and I/​O mapping etc. It works as an interpreter between hard panel and SIMSERVER.

Hard Panel/​Back-​up panel

It is the conventional remote Control Panel of the plant. In case of failure of DCS or PMS system, Operation Engineers can control/​run the plant through this panel. Moreover, parallel operation of the plant can be executed both from DCS worksta­tion and hard panel.

Thus, Simulator Training can also be extended to the Operation Engineers, who are familiar with only hard panels.

Training Features :

BkTPP Power Plant Training Simulator includes the following training features :

Plant Startup in different modes (e.g. Cold/​Warm/​Hot/​Very Hot) and Shutdown.

• Plant operation under normal as well as emergency conditions.

• Running of the Plant in different pre-​programmed Initial Conditions (ICs).

Local/​Remote operations of various plant equipments. well as Performance of the Trainer hard panel and SIMSERVER.

• Creation of new Initial Conditions by taking snap shot of a particular operation scenario.

Freezing/​Back tracking of an operation scenario.

• Insertion of Malfunctions with various severity and delay time.

• Simulation can be done with Slow time, Real Time and Fast time.

• Recording and Replaying of trainees’ activities during training session.

• Assessing Trainees’ proficiency. Simulator is provided with storing facilities maximum upto 200 Initial Conditions (ICs) and 120 Back Track Conditions. It is also provided with 362 nos. Remote Functions. There are 292 Malfunctions, which can be inserted for enabling the trainees to tackle

the different plant emergency situation. Variable type Malfunctions (say, System Frequency High) can be inserted with 0 – 100% severity.

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